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Author: Emilie Lumineau

Edinburgh’s Dark History: Mercat Cross

12th Jul, 2024

The Gathering at Mercat Cross At the top of Mary King’s Close lay the historic Mercat Cross, a crucial meeting point for the 17th-century residents. Here, news was exchanged, business deals were struck, and the dark side of justice was brutally displayed. The cries of the tortured echoed through the narrow streets, as punishment was …


We are Britain’s Best Visitor Attraction

26th Jun, 2024

The Real Mary King’s Close has been revealed as the UK’s favourite tourist attraction in this year’s Tripadvisor® Travelers’ Choice® Awards – Best of the Best for 2024, highlighting the top attractions to visit in the UK and internationally. The highest level of Tripadvisor’s awards, the Best of the Best winners are among the top …


Interview with Ross MacRae

12th Apr, 2024

Ross MacRae is a talented Edinburgh-based artist we’ve been working with at The Real Mary King’s Close for years. Back in 2012, he designed and painted a mural in our corridor. Recently, we refurbished our gift shop, and Ross came back to create a new mural that matches our new look. He’s also behind the …


Iconic Mary King’s Close Residents’ Forgotten Gravestone Restored by Volunteers

2nd Apr, 2024

Blog article written by the Friends of Dalry Cemetery  Janet and David Chesney, the last residents of Mary King’s Close, now have their gravestone restored to its former glory thanks to dedicated volunteers.   Located in Dalry Cemetery, within the Gorgie/Dalry area of the city, the Chesneys’ burial site fell into disrepair following the closure …


New immersive holiday!

29th Mar, 2024

A new immersive holiday launches at The Real Mary King’s Close Gardyloo! Live like a local in 17th century Edinburgh with a stay that sees technology taken away, a visit from the Plague Doctor, and a bucket for a toilet. History lovers now have the chance to live like a 17th century Edinburgh local, with …


The Evolution of Midwifery

26th Mar, 2024

Learn About Midwifery in the 17th Century Midwifery in the 17th century was a common occupation for the women of Edinburgh. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life stood figures who played pivotal roles in shaping the course of childbirth and women’s health.  Meet Ms Mills Ms Mills resided on Kinloch Close, just a …


Our Green Story

7th Dec, 2022

This is Our Green Story at The Real Mary King’s Close. We are passionate about sustainability. We strive to do the right thing for the environment, our communities, our guests and our team. Therefore, we have taken many actions to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage the protection of Scotland’s heritage. Sustainability We encourage our …


Burns Night: History and Traditions

8th Jan, 2022

Every January, Scotland celebrates one of the most famous people from the country’s history: Robert Burns. As Burns Night approaches, it’s the perfect time to learn about why and how the day is celebrated. You can even learn about an interesting connection he has to The Real Mary King’s Close.   Who was Robert Burns? …


Epidemics from 1645 until Now: Old Problems, Same Solutions?

6th Sep, 2021

Earlier this year The Real Mary King’s Close broadcast a live virtual tour filled with interesting findings and acclaimed expertise from our knowledgeable guides and fellow history buffs. One certain history buff, Dr Aaron Allen, a Scottish History Expert from The University of Edinburgh decided to go one step further and compare the Epidemics of 1645 and now, detailing how the same old problems, sometimes require the same old solutions.

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