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Author: Emilie Lumineau

Our Green Story

7th Dec, 2022

This is Our Green Story at The Real Mary King’s Close. We are passionate about sustainability. We strive to do the right thing for the environment, our communities, our guests and our team. Therefore, we have taken many actions to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage the protection of Scotland’s heritage. Sustainability We encourage our …


Burns Night: History and Traditions

8th Jan, 2022

Every January, Scotland celebrates one of the most famous people from the country’s history: Robert Burns. As Burns Night approaches it’s the perfect time to learn about why and how the day’s celebrated. You can even learn an interesting connection to The Real Mary King’s Close.   Who was Robert Burns? Robert Burns (a.k.a Rabbie …


Epidemics from 1645 until Now: Old Problems, Same Solutions?

6th Sep, 2021

Earlier this year The Real Mary King’s Close broadcast a live virtual tour filled with interesting findings and acclaimed expertise from our knowledgeable guides and fellow history buffs. One certain history buff, Dr Aaron Allen, a Scottish History Expert from The University of Edinburgh decided to go one step further and compare the Epidemics of 1645 and now, detailing how the same old problems, sometimes require the same old solutions.


The Close During the World Wars

20th Jul, 2021

Read more about an air raid shelter under Edinburgh’s City Chambers, a soldier bear and Mary King’s Close during the First and Second World War.


APRIL FOOLS: Cows Back on The Close

1st Apr, 2021

This was an April Fools: For our grand reopening in May 2021, we’re welcoming real-life cows back to the former cowshed on The Close.


Who Was Mary King?

2nd Feb, 2021

Our namesake was a woman ahead of her time. Her fascinating story tells of power, fine garments, and the naming of a close.


Scotland’s Witch Prickers

14th Oct, 2020

Find out more about the insidious witch prickers who used to strike terror into the hearts of Edinburgh’s past residents.


Whisky and The Close

13th Oct, 2020

In this blog post we look at how the history of The Real Mary King’s Close is intertwined with that of the famous Scottish spirit, whisky.


Hard to Top – The New Heritage Days Out Top Trumps

1st Aug, 2020

Find out why we’re featured in the Heritage Days Out Top Trumps, the story behind it, and how you can play your cards right to come out on top.

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