29 Oct

Groups can discover more for less this winter

Groups booking and visiting The Real Mary King’s Close between… more
9 Oct

The Close makes its Culinary Mark on the Mile

Knives and forks at the ready! The team at The Real Mary King’s… more
2 Oct

Industry leaders gather to mark important milestone

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7 Jul

Groups can enjoy Christmas on the Close

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3 Jul

A New Face on the Close

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3 Jul

The Dark Truth Tour 2015

As Festival fever hits Edinburgh, step back to a time when corpses… more
General Manager and Lord Provost 7 May

Lord Provost Lends a Helping Hand

The redevelopments that will see The Real Mary King’s Close take… more
21 Apr

History in Your Hands! Schools Competition

History in Your Hands! April 2015 As part of the redevelopments… more
3 Apr

Going Overground

After years of roaming the warren of underground streets hidden below… more