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15 Nov

The Great Fire Of Edinburgh

  As we’ve mentioned in the blog previously, the world’s… more
23 Oct

The History of Hallowe’en in Scotland

  Hallowe’en traces its roots back to the ancient Celtic… more
18 Aug

Underground Around The World

  You may have heard The Real Mary King’s Close referred to as… more
20 Jul

Things to do with the family in Edinburgh on a rainy day

  Our wonderful city of Edinburgh is packed full of… more
3 Jul

The Real Mary King’s Close shortlisted for The British Travel Awards

  We are thrilled to announce that The Real Mary King's Close… more
21 Jun

Meet Mary King

As is the case with so many women in history, not much is known about… more
13 Jun

Edinburgh’s Plague Doctor

  Allow us to take you back to the summer of 1645, the worst… more
9 Jun

Celebrate Gin Day with Afternoon Tea at The Real Mary King’s Close  

  World Gin Day takes place on Saturday the 10th of June, and… more
2 Jun

Queen Mary on Mary King’s Close

  Just round the corner from The Real Mary King’s Close, at… more