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AR Souvenir Guide Book

The Real Mary King’s Close is a truly unique place to visit, and our AR souvenir guidebook captures the most exciting parts of its history and development with a new, innovative augmented reality feature you can enjoy in your own home.

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Delve Deep into Edinburgh’s History

Our beautifully designed, full-colour book builds on the stories you experience on your visit, delving deeper into the stories of Old Edinburgh. Relive the story of Mary King and discover more about other residents of Mary King’s Close. From ‘the pest’ of the 1600s, to how its former residents lived through the Second World War.

The guide also provides a plan of the site around The Real Mary King’s Close, a timeline of important events and a helpful glossary of Scottish terms.

Pre-book in advance when making your booking. Alternatively, pick it up when you’re visiting us or order it online after your visit.

What to expect from your AR souvenir guidebook

39 jam-packed pages with curated historical research about Edinburgh’s Old Town and The Real Mary King’s Close

Innovative new hologram technology bringing five characters from Edinburgh’s history back to life… wherever you are

Bring back the dead. Hear about what it meant to be a burgess from the namesake of The Close, Mary King herself, or find out what it was really like working as a tanner in the Old Town from the craftsman Patrick Byrne

New Augmented Reality Feature

Bring Edinburgh’s past residents back to life at the touch of a button. Scan the QR code on your smartphone or tablet and one of the past inhabitants of Mary King’s Close will tell you an enthralling tale about their life. A tourism industry first, our AR souvenir guidebook will leave the whole family in awe.

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