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QR Code Trouble- shooting

Thank you for purchasing a copy of our virtual reality souvenir guidebook. We hope you enjoy meeting the different characters from Edinburgh’s past. We’ve listed our most frequently asked questions below.

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Scanning QR Codes

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  • Either open the camera app on your smartphone or install a QR reader app (available in the app store). Hold the phone of the QR code and a pop up with a web address for mywebar.com will appear. Open the web address, allow access to the camera and then select play to see the character appear.

  • MyWebAR supports a wide range of inbuilt camera devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Supported operating systems include Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 11 or higher, Windows, MacOS and Chrome OS. More information regarding device compatibility can be found on MyWebAR.  

  • The codes will be active for a minimum of 3 months from your date of purchase.


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  • Hold the device as stably as possible over the page and only move the device slowly. The QR code needs to be clearly visible on the device screen.

  • Each QR code needs to be scanned separately. Please go back to the beginning of the process and scan the code through your camera or QR code app.

  • Make sure to turn up the volume on your device and enable sound in your settings. 

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