Pride History Tours – FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS in JUNE

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Step out of the classroom and down onto The Close…

With the Hidden History Education Programme.

Follow in the footsteps of former Old Town residents on a 1-hour guided tour. Delve into the past with an immersive and interactive workshop. From a deadly plague epidemic, to a famous royal visitor, there is a myriad of tales just waiting to be discovered. To get started, all you need to do is step into the underground depths of the Royal Mile…

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We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom, whatever their ability or circumstances. Here, at The Real Mary King’s Close, we offer an interdisciplinary approach to suit the needs and interests of both young learners and teachers.

Group prices for school children start at £10.50 per student. 

Prices for the education workshop start from £75 for up to 36 students.

Your Visit Includes:

  • 1 hour tour of The Close
  • Optional education workshop for P2-P7
  • Free activity book download
  • Complimentary familiarisation visit for teachers (subject to availability)
  • Optional dedicated space to eat lunch for groups under 20 people (subject to availability)

The Workshops

An experience rooted in social history, the workshops explore the real and fascinating stories of the people who lived and worked on The Close.

Through questioning, role-play and interviewing, pupils transform into historical characters and explore the different jobs and social circumstances of our former residents.

The Hidden History Education workshops have been developed in collaboration with the Creative Learning Team at Edinburgh City Council and cover key Curriculum of Excellence stages.

The interactive workshops are available for P2 – P7.

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