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Premium Packages

Private Tours & Experiences

Enjoy your very own Private Tour of The Real Mary King’s Close. You and your guests will go on a journey through time on these now-hidden streets. Scroll down to discover all our available tour options.

If your group totals a higher amount than the capacity we can provide per tour, you must book an additional private tour. 


Private Tours

Take a stroll through the underground alleyways of Edinburgh, where you’ll get to know the everyday lives of the people who once called these streets home. Avoid the cries of, “Gardyloo!”, get acquainted with royal visitors, and meet Edinburgh’s most infamous physician, the Plague Doctor…

Follow a former resident to discover the lives of those who lived, worked and died on Mary King’s Close. 

  • 1-hour guided tour
  • Up to 20 guests
  • £425 per tour

A Dram of History

Enjoy a truly unique Edinburgh whisky experience underneath the Royal Mile. Discover the secrets of Edinburgh’s illicit stills and explore over 400 years of whisky production in Scotland.

Become a nosing expert while you try two specially selected single-malt Scottish whiskies.

  • 1-hour guided tour
  • 30-minute whisky tasting
  • Up to 16 guests
  • £650 per tour

Herstory Tours

Meet some of the remarkable women who shaped Edinburgh’s history and hear their real stories. Discover why Mary King’s Close was once “a haven for independent women” and how Mary King herself obtained voting rights 300 years ahead of her time.

During your tour, you will be introduced to three former residents of The Close, Jonet Nimmo, Mary King and Janet Chesney.

  • 1-hour guided tour
  • Up to 20 guests
  • £575 per tour

Pride History Tours

The educational and thought-provoking Pride History Tour was designed to reveal the hidden histories of LGBTQIA+ community life in Edinburgh from as far back as the mid-16th century until 1912.

Led by acclaimed 18th century poet, Robert Fergusson or 16th century Sapphic poet, Marie Maitland, discover the hidden lives of real people who contributed to life in Edinburgh for the better. 

  • 1-hour guided tour
  • Up to 20 guests
  • £575 per tour

True Crime Tours

The closes of the Old Town have been shrouded in shocking tales of crime and punishment for centuries… but our True Crime Tours reveal a more honest story, rooted in fact. As is often the case, the reality ultimately proves darker and more fascinating than any amount of fiction.

Are you brave enough to enter the darkest period of Edinburgh’s history? 

  • 1-hour guided tour
  • Up to 20 guests
  • £550 per tour

Unlocked – Free Flow

Discover Mary King’s Close from a fresh perspective—your own. Encounter beloved denizens like the mysterious plague doctor, John Paulitious, the Merchant Prince, and the matriarch of the last family to live on Mary King’s Close, Janet Chesney.

Immerse yourself in their captivating true narratives and freely explore the once-restricted labyrinth of concealed alleys and chambers, all on your own terms.

  • Exclusive use of the site
  • 2-hour experience
  • 11 costumed guides
  • Up to 200 guests
  • £35/guests (based on 200 guests)

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Bespoke Packages

Tell us what you have in mind! From themed tours and treasure hunts on Mary King’s Close, to canapes and fizz in our Burgh Courtroom or Meeting Room, we are happy to discuss how our range of special tour packages could be used to help bring your idea to life.

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