Condemned – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

1hr late night tour experience

For centuries we have been curiously fascinated by the other side but paradoxically afraid of what may be beyond. The lives of those who have cavorted with the devil are often cut short or hidden in the shadows and mystery has engulfed their stories…until now!

Witch douking (1)Join us for Condemned, a brand new late night tour experience for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Condemned offers a unique insight into Edinburgh’s tumultuous yet fascinating past with witches and witchcraft telling the stories of its infamous accomplices and most ardent opponents.

Join a guide and travel back to a time when Mary King’s Close was open to the skies and fear and suspicion lingered around every corner; herbal medicinal therapies were considered to be witchcraft and being different was a crime. Hear how the inhabitants of Mary King’s Close and the surrounding streets were implicated in such crimes and the fate that befell them.

Witch hunting in Scotland was an age old tradition, Condemned will take you on a journey through the ages documenting how and why the attitudes to witchcraft changed over time. Discover how the fears of royalty became ingrained in the masses as James VI propagated his fear of witches and the unknown which saw witch trials become a part of everyday life. Make your way into the 18th century and see how the Enlightenment introduced new ways of thinking changing perceptions and bringing relief to those who would have once been accused of dancing with the devil.

This dramatic interpretation of Edinburgh’s volatile past with witches will challenge perceptions and go beyond what we believe to be true. Will you dare to cross the threshold and confront the unknown?

Condemned will run Wednesday to Sunday at 10.30pm from 5th-28th August. Advanced booking is recommended online or call 0131 225 0672.

Admission £17.50
Recommended for ages 16+
No latecomers admitted. Those under the influence of alcohol may not be permitted entry.