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3 Apr

Going Overground

After years of roaming the warren of underground streets hidden below… more
17 Feb

The Real Mary King’s Close To Get Miles Better!

The Real Mary King's Close is soon to take pride of place on The… more
10 Oct

Dark Side of the Close This Halloween

It has been over a hundred years since sunlight last penetrated Mary… more
2 Oct

First Ever ‘Close Fest’

For the first time ever, The Real Mary King's Close, is to launch… more
1 Aug

The Dark Truth Tour returns with a twist…

It's back with a twist for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014! The… more
28 Jul

Death and Decay Hits Edinburgh’s Fringe

After last year's rave reviews, The Dark Truth Tour returns to The… more
2 Jul

Continuum is Celebrating Excellence

Operators of The Real Mary King's Close - Continuum Leading… more
12 Jun

It’s Raining Underground!

Last week for one day only, visitors to Edinburgh's historic… more
19 May

The Modern Apprentice Goes Underground at Top Edinburgh Attraction

Whilst one of Edinburgh's best loved visitor attractions lies… more