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A Close Most Haunted?

A Close Most HauntedMary King's Close is infamous for its tales of ghosts and unexplained happenings. One of the earliest and best documented stories concerns the Coltheart family and took place 40 years after the last outbreak of plague in Edinburgh when people were already claiming to have seen 'spectres and nameless terrors' in the Close. This story, first published in 1685, along with other tales of the supernatural, was recorded by Professor George Sinclair of Glasgow University in his volume 'Satan's Invisible World'.

You'll learn more of the trials and tribulations of the Colthearts on your visit to The Real Mary King's Close. Other people have heard scratching coming from inside a chimney where a child sweep is said to have died.

Sounds of a party or crowded tavern are often heard and a worried man is spotted pacing the Close from time to time...perhaps this is the Close's last resident, Mr Chesney?

Perhaps the strangest of stories is the tale of little 'Annie' and her famous shrine. You'll hear her story on your tour of Mary King's Close but needless to say the story has struck a chord with many visitors since she was first visited by a Japanese psychic who leave the little ghost girl toys and money which we donate to the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

It's a phenomenon quite as extraordinary as the ghosts visitors have reported seeing on the Close. 

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